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  Come on in. . .Visit awhile!
Welcome to Prymetyme Island, my island on the net.   The idea for this page came about in my quest to stay in touch with family and friends of Jamaican heritage living across the globe.   Later on, I decided to add items of interest to visitors and soon-to-be friends.  PrymeTyme is a Boonoonoonoos Island based on clean FUN.  So, feel free to just kick back and relax to some Island Music or take a tour. If you came here by boat, please visit the "Welkum Center" for a list of Tours and be sure to sign the guestbook.

We are all Islanders on this Webuniverse surrounded by beautiful scenery (Netizens) and we should all share our culture with each other.  Here on this page is a bit of my culture,  please share it.  Be sure to come again;  you never know who you may meet on Prymetyme Island.  Walk Good!

About My Homeland Jamaica, W.I.
Jamaica is an Island in the Caribbean that is like no other Island on Earth with it's mile high Blue Mountains and endless stretches of silver beaches and sapphire seas. You owe it to yourself to visit this land of Reggae Music, Waterfalls and Jerk Chicken. More about Jamaica
If one should ask how Jamaica made its biggest impact on the world, most of us would say through its entertainment and popular culture carried abroad mostly by the Reggae Ambassadors. Listed in Reggae Riddims are lots of information on the history of Reggae Music, its artists and some of the popular titles.
Are you a Watson-Edwards-Moore Survivor?
If you were born on the Island of Jamaica W.I. in the Parish of St. Mary around the Highgate area you could be one of the Watson, Edwards or Moore survivors.  If you think you are a member of this clan and want to contact other family members, be sure to sign in at Your Journal.

The JokeMaster is In!

Had a bad day today? Need a good Joke ? The JokeMaster always have something to make you smile or laugh. Heh..heh..ha..ha..ha.!!


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