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PrymeTyme came about in my quest to stay in touch with family & friends of Jamaican Heritage living across the globe.  Later on, I decided to add items of interest to visitors and soon-to-be friends.  So, please browse around and share the offerings.  If you are not careful you just may be entertained! If this is your first time, please introduce yourself & sign the guestbook.

Inside PrymeTyme

  • PrymeTyme Island  - a fictional island with lots of music and fun - gateway to the islands.
  • Positive Vibes - Reggae Music - History, On-line Sounds, Links and a great Tribute to the Hon. Robert Nesta Marley.


About Me

My friends call me "Nettie" as well as some other choice names, I cannot mention.  I was born in St. Mary, Jamaica, W.I. before the island became Independent and migrated to New York City.
I have lived in Brooklyn, Queens, N.Y., South Carolina and have decided to make South Florida my home.  I love Reggae Music and have a good collection of records and CD's. I have interests in many, many, areas but mostly in creating web pages for my friends and family.  Although, I no longer live in Jamaica, I am a "Yardie" and I go home (a yard) to Jamaica every chance I get.  When I am not on the island, I am in Jamaica in cyberspace.  I have found some key places that I like to visit on the net and you can visit them from my links page.

Are you a Watson, Edwards or Moore survivor?

If you were born in or around the Highgate area in St. Mary, Jamaica, W.I. you may have ties to these families.  If you do, or want to know more about them check out their cyberjournal here.


  • LINKS, LINKS, LINKS - resources you do not have to look for.
  • Jokes fe big people - Dem nuh clean, some very dutty.
  • Get your daily dose of Jokes from Joke of the Day.


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