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Reading is the key to knowledge. . . and the pathway to entertainment.


Ms. LaLee reads numerous novels and non-fictional books and want to share some of  her most favorites with you, the reader.  Most of the books featured here can be obtained at your local bookstore or library.

This month's Book
In the book featured for this month, Eric Jerome Dickey tells about the risks and rewards of the dating game in a high spirited roller coaster ride.  Set in modern day Los Angeles, among the exploits of a close knit group of ladies' men. . . life does'nt get any faster than this.
You will want to finish this book!

Dickey's other works are:  
Milk in my Coffee :  Friends & Lovers : Sister Sister


Other GREAT Novels for Summer Reading

  • The Itch - Benilde Little
  • Bebe's By Golly Wow - Yolanda Joe
  • The Men of Brewster Place - Gloria Naylor
  • Big Girls Don't Cry - Connie Briscoe


Past Book Reviews


Blessings - Sheneska Jackson
The story of four women who are bound together in sisterhood and motherhood as they search for happiness.  Filled with sass and wit, indelibly mixed with high doses of compassion you will need a few tissues handy when you read this one.

Milk in My Coffee- Eric Jerome Dickey
Not your stereotypical Black-man-meets-White Girl story, Milk in my Coffee is unpredictable.  Dickey quickly ends all comparisons with riveting storylines and suspenseful twists in this interracial romantic drama. The internal and external emotional conflicts of crossing a cultural divide are presented here with "been there" credibility.  A good book to read.

Single Mom - Omar Tyree
A single mother suddenly has to deal with the reappearance of her two sons fathers, her own current relationship, her two sons, a business and well, you get the picture. Balancing the various relationships become increasingly complex for Denise, the main character, in much the same way the reader gets entangled in the various relationships between the sons, fathers, families etc. etc.

The Lady Her Lover & Her Lord - T.D. Jakes
Pastor T.D. Jakes preaches the Gospel of spritial development to a loyal following of women.  He offers inspiration and examines what he deems as a woman's most important relationships --with herself, her husband and God. Jakes divides the book into three sections and focuses his messages of enlightenment toward each relationship.
Other books:  Woman, Thou Art Loosed.

In The Meantime: Finding Yourself and The Love You Want - Iyanla Vanzant.
A spiritually uplifting, deeply personal guide book that serves as a blueprint for healing and personal development.  In the Meantime is soul food for those in search of love and fullfillment.  What does one do "in the meantime" until love comes?


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