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Bob Marley
To the International community, one word signifies Jamaica - REGGAE.

Reggae is part of the vocabulary of every working pop musician and it gained a large international following because its artistes struck a resonant chord in the world community.  This chord can be heard in various forms in the far corners of the world.

It was the third world's first musical star, the late Honorable Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley) who took Reggae to the masses worldwide and gave Reggae international fame.

Bob Marley in his appeal for equal rights, justice, freedom from oppression, self determination, one love and peace, continues to influence the music, consciousness of the people and politics of the world.



Early in the 60's a new version of reggae was created in the dancehall known as Toasting - DJ - Dancehall.  From this period into the 90's eary efforts of U Roy, King Stitch, Big youth, Yellowman, Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Super Cat, Beanie Man, Sister carol and Patra, etc.... brought dancehal to the club scene right at the time when RAP became popular in North America.  This style continues to rule in its birthplace, the dancehall.  More on dancehall can be found here.


Another genre of reggae Talk called Dub Poetry was introduced by Linton K. Johnson in the late 70's.  Unlike dancehall in which the music often overshadows the lyrics, in dub poetry the message is emphasized.  Dub Poets like Mutaburuka, the late Mikey Smith, Queen Majeeda, Yasu Afri and others have stirred consciences with their outspokedness.


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